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From the Vaults: Cardi B’s Debut Tracks You Probably Haven’t Heard in Years

Cardi B’s Breakthrough Hit: The Story Behind “Cheap Ass Weave”

Released in December 2015, Cardi B’s song “Cheap Ass Weave” helped launch her career in hip hop. While she had been gaining buzz in the underground scene for a few years prior, “Cheap Ass Weave” was one of her earliest hits and the track that really started getting her name out there on a wider scale. Nearly seven years later, the song remains memorable and stands out as an early sign of Cardi B’s charismatic personality and talent that would eventually lead her to superstardom. But what’s the story behind this catchy and playful track? Let’s take a deeper look at “Cheap Ass Weave” and its impact.

Early Career and Underground Buzz

Born Belcalis Almanzar in the Bronx in 1992, Cardi B had long been interested in music and entertainment but it took her some time to break into the hip hop world. After struggling to make ends meet with other jobs like being a stripper, she began gaining recognition via social media in the mid-2010s through her colorful personality and unfiltered Instagram videos where she would discuss relationships, music, and more. This helped her amass a following in the New York underground scene.

Cardi released her first single “Cheap Ass Weave” independently in 2015 after building buzz locally with earlier freestyles and recordings. While she had the talent and charisma, major label deals were still out of reach at this point in her nascent career. But “Cheap Ass Weave” started changing that by giving her a breakout hit that could help open more doors. The song demonstrated her skills as a rapper and entertainer in a way that truly resonated.

A Playful but Attention-Grabbing Title

Right from the start, “Cheap Ass Weave” grabbed people’s attention with its unapologetically bold title. Weave, extensions, and hair in general have long been topics of interest in hip hop culture and the Black community. The phrase “cheap ass” added an amusing and playful tone. It signaled this wasn’t a song that was taking itself too seriously – it was here purely for fun and entertainment.

Cardi B’s flow on the track is lighthearted, comedic, and tongue-in-cheek as she playfully boasts about her hair and looks. She pokes fun at other women and their hair choices, teasing them in a spirited rather than malicious way. Lines like “my weave look just like a Floorgasm” show her creativity with words. The title and lyrics created intrigue while also displaying Cardi’s witty sense of humor – an aspect of her personality that would become even more evident later in her career.

Production and Music Video

Musically, “Cheap Ass Weave” has a bouncy, upbeat instrumental. It’s an infectiously fun track to rap over. The production from DJ Spinking helps propel Cardi’s flow and gives the song replay value with its catchy beat.

A music video accompanied the single, directed by Picture Perfect. It’s a vibrant, high-energy visual showing Cardi rapping with confidence in various glamorous settings like a salon and fancy restaurant. Her charisma and personality shine through, whether she’s dancing, laughing with friends, or boasting about her looks. The video helped bring the song’s playful spirit to life.

Early Recognition and Growing Buzz

Upon its December 2015 release, “Cheap Ass Weave” gained Cardi B recognition beyond just New York’s underground scene. The track’s catchy qualities, from the attention-grabbing title to Cardi’s lively flow and the video’s entertainment value, started getting her noticed more nationally in hip hop media circles.

It proved to be a viral hit, with the audio racking up millions of streams online even without the backing of a major label. Cardi’s emerging fanbase expanded, eager to see what she would do next. The song’s success gave her confidence and momentum to continue putting out new music independently. It also showed the industry there was serious talent behind her rising social media profile that deserved a bigger platform.

Paving the Way for Major Breakthrough

In the years following “Cheap Ass Weave,” Cardi B kept grinding and putting out new music. Singles like “Lick” featuring Offset in 2017, which she dropped after signing to Atlantic Records, helped further increase her profile. But it was “Bodak Yellow” in 2017 that became her astronomical breakthrough hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and being certified 5x platinum.

Looking back, “Cheap Ass Weave” was an important early stepping stone for Cardi. It proved she had what it takes to create a buzzworthy viral hit even without major backing initially. The song’s success on an underground level, coupled with her growing social media presence, demonstrated her potential to the industry. It gained her fans and credibility in the scene. Most importantly, it showed off her personality and skills and gave her increased confidence in her abilities.

While just a modest hit at the time, “Cheap Ass Weave” played a valuable role in the beginning stages of Cardi B’s career rise. It helped launch her on a trajectory that would eventually lead to superstardom. The song’s legacy lives on as a reminder of where it all started for her – and as a testament to the charisma, wit and talent she possessed even in those early days. It proved to be the breakout moment that helped propel one of the biggest stars in hip hop to new heights.

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