Travis Kelce Shocks Fans with Big Move - Set to Share Home with Taylor! - NEWS

Travis Kelce Shocks Fans with Big Move – Set to Share Home with Taylor!

Moving experts foresee Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift potentially cohabiting by March, marking a significant milestone in their relationship.

According to Tes, a specialist at moveBuddah, the high-profile couple is expected to transition into permanent cohabitation within a month.

Publicly dating for several months, Swift and Kelce have been the subject of ongoing speculation regarding their next relationship move.

“Speculation was rampant that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce had begun sharing a home together long-term in late November, as the songstress temporarily moved in with her NFL beau during a two-month break from The Eras Tour,” Tes stated.

“While this cohabitation was temporary, it suggests that a major relationship milestone is imminent.”

The experts anticipate an official move-in before the end of March, as both individuals can allocate time away from their demanding careers to focus on personal priorities.

“With the relationship flourishing and familial integration evident—both parties’ families were photographed together at the Super Bowl—there’s optimism that momentum will persist,” Tes explained.

It’s likely that Swift and Kelce will initially reside in one of their existing properties, with Kelce’s Kansas City mansion or Swift’s Nashville estate being potential choices.

“Though the couple may consider purchasing a new home in the future, utilizing existing properties makes sense initially,” Tes noted.

“Travis’s $6 million, 17,000 sq. ft Kansas City mansion or Taylor’s Nashville estate, both reflecting their personal backgrounds and comfort zones, are plausible options.”

While the prospect of a shared property purchase is feasible, it’s unlikely to materialize until after Swift’s Eras Tour concludes.

“Although investing in a new home together isn’t ruled out for this year, Taylor’s packed schedule suggests a delay until late August,” Tes remarked.

“Travis, eager to settle matters before the 2024 NFL season kickoff, may push for a decision by then. Given the distance and Swift’s touring commitments, securing a shared residence before August’s end seems reasonable.”

With Swift’s global tour continuing throughout 2024, the couple’s domestic plans are poised to unfold amidst their busy schedules.

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