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Patrick Mahomes Takes Playful Jab at Chiefs Teammate Travis Kelce Over His Age

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes slyly showed off his sense of humor as he slipped in a little jab at friend and teammate Travis Kelce in a new football interview.

Mahomes was discussing new teammate Marquise Brown—who was recently signed with the Chiefs—and talking about his tenacity and how it will benefit the team’s performance next season when he commented on Kelce’s age.

“You can tell he wants to be a part of something that’s special, part of greatness. We’re trying to build that here and we believe that we’ve started it and we want to continue it,” he began in an interview with Fox 4 KC reporter, PJ Green, before noting, “We still have a young team — other than Trav.”

It took the interviewer a second to register the joke as Mahomes continued before he let out a surprised laugh. Kelce and long snapper James Winchester are both the oldest members of the Chiefs, at 34 years old, while Mahomes is 28.

Fans shared their love for the bromance between Mahomes and Kelce in the comments, with one writing, “When Travis Kelce does retire, his bromance with Patrick is something I will definitely miss 😔,” while another said, “That friendship is a blast to be a small part of, go Chiefs!!”

“Aye! he not there to defend his age 🤣🤣,” quipped someone about Mahomes’ joke, and a different fan chimed in, “Poor Trav catching strays 😂.”

Many more couldn’t help but laugh at the fun moment, calling Mahomes’ joke, “Best friend behavior right there 🤣🤣🤣.”

Mahomes and Kelce’s antics are often the topic of conversation among fans, and the two appear to be super supportive of each other. After Kelce started dating Taylor Swift, Mahomes often talked about how great they were together, saying in one interview about Kelce during the relationship, “I’m glad that he’s [as] happy as he is.”

While Mahomes and Kelce might not be spending as much time together lately during the offseason, it seems like the two close friends still know how to joke around about each other even when they’re not there.


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