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Oops, Did I Say That? Commonly Misinterpreted Lyrics in Cardi B’s Music

Cardi B has taken the music world by storm since bursting onto the scene in 2017. Her rapid-fire flow delivered with attitude and wit has made her one of the most popular rappers today. However, the very qualities that make Cardi’s music so fun and entertaining can also lead to misheard lyrics even among her biggest fans. With her thick New York accent and tendency to string words together at breakneck speed, it’s understandable how some lines could get mixed up. Here are 5 Cardi B songs where the lyrics are commonly misunderstood, along with the correct versions.

“I Like It” feat. Bad Bunny & J Balvin

Released in 2018, “I Like It” became a global smash hit and Cardi’s first number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. One line from the infectious hook that many hear incorrectly is “I like it better when you push it slow.” On the surface, this seems to suggest Cardi prefers taking things in the bedroom at a leisurely pace. However, the actual lyric is “I like it better when you say it slow.”

Upon closer inspection of the audio, it’s clear Cardi is referring to wanting her partner to whisper sweet nothings in her ear, savoring each word, rather than requesting a slower physical rhythm. The song celebrates desire and pleasure, so it makes more sense in context that Cardi wants to hear expressions of affection drawn out languidly rather than a slowed down sexual pace. This misheard line is understandable given how swiftly Cardi delivers the words, but “say it slow” is the accurate interpretation.

“Bodak Yellow”

Released as the lead single from her debut studio album in 2017, “Bodak Yellow” catapulted Cardi to new heights of fame and cemented her status as a force to be reckoned with. One lyric often misconstrued is “Cardi B be talkin’ ’bout that mattress on the floor.” While having a mattress directly on the floor rather than a bed frame might be cozier, the real lyric is “Cardi B be talkin’ ’bout that money on the floor.”

In context, Cardi is unapologetically flaunting her newfound financial success and lavish lifestyle. She’s not discussing furniture arrangements but rather boasting about the stacks of cash literally lying around. It’s an emphatic flex to underscore her rise from humble beginnings. Due to Cardi’s delivery, it’s an easy line to mishear. But upon repeat listens, the correct “money on the floor” interpretation is unmistakable and a much more fitting message for the triumphant track.

“WAP” feat. Megan Thee Stallion

Featuring fellow rap star Megan Thee Stallion, 2020’s “WAP” was a cultural lightning rod that cemented Cardi as a champion of female sexuality and pleasure. Brimming with unabashed innuendo from start to finish, it’s no surprise some of the X-rated lyrics get misconstrued. Perhaps the most commonly misunderstood is “Wet a** py make the money drip.” However, the real line is “Wet a p**y make the block hot.”

In this context, “the block” likely refers to Cardi’s metaphorical domain and territory and how her prowess and influence “heats things up” there, rather than literally making money ooze out. She’s asserting power and ownership rather than saying her private parts cause cash to drip. Admittedly, it’s an easy line to mix up given the raunchy and fast-paced nature of the song. But with attention to Cardi’s precise enunciation, the “block” version stands out as the accurate take.

“Be Careful”

Released in 2018, “Be Careful” sees Cardi warning a former lover not to cross or betray her. One lyric often misunderstood is “If you play me like a damn fiddle, I might break.” However, upon closer examination, Cardi actually says “If you play me like a damn fiddle, I might fold.”

While breaking is a possibility if pushed too far, in context Cardi seems to be threatening retaliation or consequences rather than expressing fragility. To “fold” can mean to surrender or stop engaging, which fits better with her tone of issuing a stern warning not to underestimate or double-cross her. It’s an emphatic flex of strength rather than vulnerability. Admittedly, the words are blurted out swiftly. But the correct “fold” interpretation portrays Cardi as formidable rather than breakable.

“Bartier Cardi” feat. Offset

Released in 2017, “Bartier Cardi” sees Cardi linking up with her partner Offset to flaunt their lavish lifestyle and spending habits. One line frequently misunderstood is “These expensive habits, they ain’t for nothin’.” However, upon relistening, the accurate lyric is revealed to be “These expensive fabrics, they ain’t for nothin’.”

Rather than referring to pricey habits in general, Cardi is specifically bragging about her designer wardrobe full of high-end clothes and materials. It fits the context of flamboyantly showing off wealth and status. While habits could work too, fabrics makes more literal sense when describing extravagant outfits. Cardi’s lightning delivery no doubt contributes to mishearing it. But discerning the “fabrics” version highlights she’s discussing fashion, not behaviors or habits.

In summary, Cardi B’s signature rapid-fire flow and cheeky wordplay make for incredibly fun and engaging music. However, they also lend themselves to misheard lyrics even among die-hard fans. By relistening carefully and considering the context, the correct interpretations presented here become clear. They paint a more accurate picture of Cardi’s clever wordplay and the messages she aims to convey in each empowering anthem. While mistakes are understandable, appreciating the precise lyrics underscores why her music has resonated so strongly worldwide.

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