MLS Player Brutally Declines Patrick Mahomes' Assurance That Taylor Swift Will Join The NWSL - NEWS

MLS Player Brutally Declines Patrick Mahomes’ Assurance That Taylor Swift Will Join The NWSL

Patrick Mahomes seemed optimistic that he would get Taylor Swift to attend a soccer game in the NWSL. But Atlanta United’s MLS star Brooks Lennon thinks the ‘Karma’ singer may not even be interested in soccer and picked another name from pop culture, who he thinks would be pitchside watching a game.

Ex-Liverpool U23 star Brooks Lennon recently rated the chances of the 14-time Grammy winner appearing at a soccer match. In an interview with GOAL, the Atlanta United winger was asked to pick which of the given celebrities would he want to have pitchside, watching a soccer game. His first choice was between ‘soccer mom’ Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Lennon was quick to choose Kardashian, citing an interesting reason.

He explained, I don’t think Taylor Swift really cares about soccer.” Swift has made her way into the American football scene with frequent appearances to see her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs side and even attended the Super Bowl earlier this year. But soccer? Well, the 34-year-old has not been spotted at a professional soccer match to date. But that could change soon.

The Mahomes, Patrick, and Brittany have ownership stakes in the NWSL club Kansas City Current and were in attendance for their side’s thrilling 5-4 win over the Portland Thorns last Saturday. Before the game, they talked about bringing Swift to one of KC Current’s games.

Mahomes said, “We might get her here at some point, she’s a busy woman and Travis is a busy guy. So, maybe during the season or something like that, we’ll get her out to a Kansas City Current game.” Given Swift’s packed schedule and the ongoing “The Eras Tour,” it would be challenging task for Mahomes to get her to attend a soccer game. But there is a strong chance it may happen soon.

Exploring Taylor Swift’s NWSL connection

In a recent interview with ESPN, the QB revealed some startling info regarding Taylor Swift’s soccer interest. Mahomes revealed, “She loves supporting Kansas City just like we do and I’m sure Brittany can nudge her and get her here pretty easily.” It is worth noting that the Mahomes family and ‘Swelce’ are quite close. The two couples even celebrated the new year together. Hence, perhaps Mahomes has received an assurance of some sort that led to his statement in the first place.

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Britanny has also said that the onus is on her to get the pop star, who dominated NFL headlines, at an NWSL game. She said, “That’s definitely on me, that’s definitely on me. I’ll work on it, I will work on it.” Not to mention Taylor Swift has links with NWSL side San Diego Wave as well.

This is where her close friend and USWNT star Alex Morgan plies her trade. Morgan was also spotted at the recent Super Bowl, cheering on Travis Kelce and Mahomes, in a multi-million suite! Presumably at the request of the Pop sensation? Interestingly, Morgan invited Swift to an NWSL match previously. She had said, “There’s an open invitation, always. American football games are fun, but real football is more fun, I think.” Notably, the singer has yet to respond to the invitation.

With Patrick Mahomes and Alex Morgan urging her to do so, it is possible that Taylor Swift could grace the NWSL one day. However, the 34-year-old has a busy year ahead with the Eras Tour occupying her calendar until December 8th, 2024.

Will we see ever Taylor Swift at an NWSL game? Share your views in the comments below.

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