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Kollin Carter Spills the Beans on All Things Cardi B

For over a month, Cardi B and her stylist had been contemplating her look for the 2024 Grammys. They had discussed various options, considering different designers and what would best suit the occasion. Despite wanting to stay current with fashion trends, they sometimes found themselves struggling for inspiration. In the end, they decided on a daring choice: a gown from Mugler, a designer known for pushing boundaries and making fashion statements

However, their decision wasn’t without its challenges. Just before Cardi’s performance at the event, they encountered a wardrobe malfunction. Fortunately, it wasn’t too noticeable and even seemed to enhance the performance, with her necklace dropping perfectly in sync with the beat. Despite the hiccup, Cardi’s stylist always made sure to prepare meticulously, checking for any potential issues with the outfit, such as shoe grips or rips in stockings.

They even had backup dresses on hand, all from Mugler, ensuring continuity in case of emergencies. The chosen gown, though stunning, was a bit restrictive, allowing for only small steps. Yet, after careful consideration with Cardi and her team, they concluded it was worth sacrificing some comfort for the sake of making a grand entrance.

The dress itself was a masterpiece, consisting of a bodysuit with a detachable seashell-like skirt. This detachable piece was carefully attached just before Cardi made her grand entrance onto the red carpet.

Overall, despite the nerves and last-minute adjustments, Cardi’s stylist ensured she looked flawless and made a lasting impression at the Grammys.

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