'It's a dinglehopper!' Fans compare Cardi B to the Little Mermaid after video emerges of the star brushing her long hair with a plastic FORK - NEWS

‘It’s a dinglehopper!’ Fans compare Cardi B to the Little Mermaid after video emerges of the star brushing her long hair with a plastic FORK

Cardi B raised some eyebrows when she decided to brush her hair with a plastic fork while enjoying a night out in Los Angeles.

The moment was captured by the 26-year-old rapper’s hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez, who shared the video on Instagram this week.

‘When all fails use the fork aka dingle hopper…’ Tokyo captioned the video, referencing a scene in The Little Mermaid in which Ariel uses a fork to brush her hair while she is at dinner with Prince Eric.

Making it work: Cardi B attended a Drake and Migos concert in Los Angeles, California on Monday, where she was pictured using a fork to brush her hair

Hair hack: Tokyo Stylez, the rapper’s hairstylist, posted the video and made the Little Mermaid joke, calling the utensil a ‘dinglehopper’

Little Mermaid-approved! Fans compared Cardi B to Ariel after she used the utensil as a makeshift brush while backstage

In the clip, Cardi B is seen wearing a silver jumpsuit while backstage at the Drake and Migos concert on Monday.

As Tokyo’s camera records, Cardi runs the plastic fork through her long hair just moments before she took the stage in a surprise performance for fans.

Once Tokyo posted the video, fans joked that Cardi was acting just like Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

‘Little Mermaid started it and @iamcardib slayed it – who said Disney movies weren’t educational #scholar,’ one fan commented on the video.

Other people quickly targeted anyone who had the audacity to call the utensil Cardi used on her hair a ‘fork’ and corrected them with Ariel’s own name for it.

‘That’s a dinglehopper you uncultured swine,’ one fan wrote.

And one fan said Cardi was on her ‘lil mermaid s***’ by utilizing the bizarre hair hack.

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel has a fork in her collection of salvaged human items under the sea, but isn’t sure what it’s used for.

Scuttle, her seagull friend who pretends to know all about humans, shows her that it is used to brush hair — so later, when Ariel has legs and sits down to dinner with Prince Eric, she is delighted to see a fork on the table and quickly uses it on her own locks.

In Cardi B’s backstage video, the contrast of the star using the plastic fork while decked to the nines in jewels and a stunning jumpsuit made the video even more bizarre for viewers.

During the blinged-out evening, Cardi B unveiled large gold and diamond hoops with her daughter Kulture’s name written through the middle.

After having her daughter over the summer with her husband, Offset, Cardi decided to forgo going on tour with Bruno Mars so she could stay home longer with her newborn.

When the event with Drake on Monday evening wrapped up, Offset and Cardi headed to Argyle nightclub where she ensured all eyes were on her thanks to the low-cut outfit choice.

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