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HOT: Evidence that Justin Bieber secretly dated Selena Gomez

Pictures have appeared showing that the couple is back together after several months of separation.

Image of Selena on Justin’s cell phone

Paparazzi in Amsterdam captured an image of Justin Bieber holding an iPhone clearly showing a picture of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, when he visited a museum last week. This raises doubts about the couple’s reunion rumors.

On Justin’s phone is a photo of Selena taken in March to promote the new MV. The Disney princess looks very charming in a blue dress, walking freely on the desert road. It’s clear that Justin still has a heavy heart for Selena because a while ago the male singer even came to her house to “plant a sycamore tree” quite a while ago. But why did Justin have this photo? Did Selena send it to him?

The question was further informed when recently, some sources revealed that on April 19, Selena secretly went to Norway to visit Bieber to perform there. Selena was seen arriving at the airport in Oslo, Norway on April 18. The coincidence did not seem coincidental because Bieber had just arrived in Norway on his European tour and had a concert that evening.

A source also revealed to TMZ that when Bieber left the stage, Selena was waiting backstage and they hugged each other very happily. “They are still very close, like they can’t stay away from each other.”

Although we don’t know the truth, if Selena gets back together with Justin, this is good news for fans of the Prince of Pop. Selena is a very influential person in Justin’s life and when he broke up with her, the male singer fell into a chaotic life and lost his image.


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