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“Carefree” female fan at Taylor Swift concert 1 day before giving birth: Are you so devoted to your idol that you’re reckless?

Recently, netizens shared a story about a woman who is a  Taylor Swift fan  and attended The Eras Tour just one day before she went into labor and gave birth to a baby. The story is causing a lot of debate about whether this action should be called passionate fandom or recklessly endangering one’s life.

Taylor Swift performed in Singapore.

Today reported that at 8 a.m. on Monday (March 4), Ms. Natalie Wong, 29, felt a dull pain due to contractions, a sign that her fetus was about to be born. However, it was also the moment she had been waiting for 15 years: preparing to watch Taylor Swift – her idol – perform at Singapore National Stadium. Ms. Natalie and her partner worked extremely hard to hunt for a pair of VIP2 tickets on the third night of the show (March 4).

Sharing with Today, she and her husband decided not to cancel their plans to see Taylor Swift after the gynecologist allowed her to attend this concert. “I had contractions every 15 to 30 minutes. We checked with the doctor and he gave us the green light to go to the concert because he said it wasn’t urgent to go to the hospital yet,” she said.

Image of Ms. Wong at the concert.

When asked Ms. Wong how she was able to endure the pain during the concert, she said that her contractions came and went throughout the three-hour concert, she had to sit down when the pain came and You can stand up when the pain passes.

When Taylor Swift reached the final “eras” – Midnight – that was also the time when Ms. Wong felt the contractions increasing to a frequency of every 5 minutes, that was when both husband and wife hesitated about whether to leave early to hospitalized or not? However, Ms. Wong and her husband still made it through. Even after the concert ended, the couple had time to eat late at night before going to Thomson Medical Center. At 4 pm the next day (March 5), Ms. Wong gave birth to the baby and named her Emma.

Sharing with the media, Ms. Wong said that she wished her idol could know about this story and come meet the mother and daughter: “I hope she will come visit us and baby Emma.”

Baby Emma was born to the couple just 13 hours after the end of the concert.

This story immediately sparked many mixed opinions. Some opinions say that Ms. Wong “did her best” with her youth idol and had a very memorable concert night. However, many opinions believe that Ms. Wong was too reckless, possibly even endangering the lives of mother and daughter by deciding to go to the Taylor Swift concert

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