Fans are taken aback by Patrick Mahomes' strange dance in the gym. Did Brittany teach him how to twerk? - NEWS

Fans are taken aback by Patrick Mahomes’ strange dance in the gym. Did Brittany teach him how to twerk?

Mahomes has been in the lab this offseason

Patrick Mahomes‘ offseason workout videos are must-see content for Kansas City Chiefs and NFL fans alike. But the Super Bowl MVP caught fans off guard in his latest offseason gym session on Instagram when the opening shot appeared to show him rolling his hips like an erotic dancer.

Although he may have just been stretching out before his extreme workout began, it looked like a dance move his wife Brittany Mahomes would be proud of.

Odell Beckham calls out Patrick Mahomes

“Bro twerking,” an Instagram comment said in awe.

A fellow NFL star known for his dance moves, Odell Beckham Jr., piled on the jokes too. “Boyyy u was getttjn grooovy huh,” he wrote in the comments.

“Pat u freaky af,” joked another follower.

Whether it’s for his suggestive dancing or his “dad bod,” Mahomes faces a lot of backlash on social media when it comes to his body. Nonetheless, he is able to shake it off and continue to go beast mode in the gym, leading to immense on-field success with the Chiefs that is simply undeniable.

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